Fort Lauderdale Weather in December

South Florida closes the year with lots of sunshine!

Although historically one of the 'coolest' months of the year, Fort Lauderdale weather in December is still very pleasant. An occasional cold front can bring some very cool air down from the north but that rarely lasts more than a couple of days.

December can be a magical time in South Florida. Some years it's fabulous while others not so good. We remember back in the 90s coming down around Xmas and it was warmer up north than in Fort Lauderdale. Thankfully that was an exceptional year.

Although December 2017 is predicted to be a typical year, one never knows. The occasional little cold spells which we expect to last only a few days can, in some years, last much longer. And with all the changes in weather these days who knows.

With that in mind, there is some good news. Although they are expecting a not-so-great and colder year for most of the country, the South (Florida) is supposed to be spared and may even be warmer than average. Fingers crossed.


2017 Winterfest Boat Parade:

2017 December Predictions:  Average daytime temperature of 77° so they are right on target. They're expecting that between:
Dec 1-9  It will be sunny and warm,
Dec 10-17  Some thunderstorms but still quite warm
Dec 18-23: Sunny and warm
Dec 24-29: Some thunderstorms but again still quite warm
Dec 30-31: Sunny but cooling

Sounds pretty good to us, it can't be sunny and dry everyday--let's hope they are right.


Average High in December: 77°F
Record High in December: 88°F (1973)
Average Low in December: 63°F
Record Low in December: 27°F (1934)
Average Rain in December: 2.09"

December is also the start of high season in Fort Lauderdale with an increasing number of snowbirds arriving daily and vacationers coming down for some fun in the sun over the holidays.

Imagine spending Christmas on the beach, where the water is still warm enough to swim in and bikinis are the uniform of the day.

With the town filling up, businesses do too. You may have to start waiting for a seat in your favorite restaurant and the stores definitely start getting more crowded at this time of year.

If eating and shopping aren't your thing, the warm weather in December allows for many sports related activities so Southern Florida is a popular venue for golf, tennis, polo, baseball, football, and even horse and dog racing.

Hotels get booked up pretty quickly and can be pretty pricey due to high demand and the holidays but you can still find some good hotel deals in Fort Lauderdale if you book early enough.

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