Fort Lauderdale Weather in September

Still sticky, still beautiful as we head into Fall.

We've never actually been down here in September but our neighbors and friends tell us that Fort Lauderdale weather in September is very similar to August but with slightly less heat and humidity.

From what we're told, you can expect it to still be pretty hot, sticky, and humid with ocean waters warmer than ever. I guess that's why Hurricane season is at its peak for South Florida at this time of year. With Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas a week ago it's nerve wracking to even think about hurricanes.

Like August, September can bring some very severe thunderstorms so be on the lookout and take shelter if you see lightning in your area. Then just sit back and enjoy the show.

With the onset of Labor Day, Fort Lauderdale gets pretty quiet as tourist season comes to a screeching halt and the snowbirds are enjoying Fall back home and kids are heading back to school. So September (like May--we love May and often spend the whole month here, May 2017 was especially great!) is a great month to come down here if you're looking for a good deal. Many hotels offer their lowest rates in the month of September.

August 2017 was a couple of degrees hotter than average on most days but the expectation for September is that most days will be 1 or 2 degrees cooler than average. That sounds pretty good to us.  

Average High in September: 88°F
Record High in September: 98°F (1955)
Average Low in September: 76°F
Record Low in September: 59°F (1938)
Average Rain in September: 8.12"
TIP: As we mentioned before, ample notice (up to a week and more) is given when a hurricane is heading towards South Florida so if you're a vacationing tourist and a hurricane is heading your way most airlines will let you change your ticket without penalty to get you back home and out of harms way. 
With average temperatures running between the upper 70s and upper 80s Fort Lauderdale weather in September is ideal for a quick Labor Day Weekend getaway. The ocean temperature is supposed to be perfectly warm yet refreshing and the summer swelter has eased enough to hit the links.

We may give it a try next year.

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